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A new way to experience missions.
A new way to experience missions.

New missions video

by Matt Stahlman on 05/20/13

In just ten days, our team of 11 men will be off for Guyana South America. This trip it part of a more complex project that was began earlier this year. We hope to bring to life on video many of the difficulties that missionaries are facing in third world countries. Our team consist of pastors, veteran missionaries,medical professionals  and experienced laymen.  Our goal is to look deep into the subject of what the local church can be doing by means of training and discipleship, to prepare our next generation for the trials that lie ahead on the mission field. We are striving to produce a film that is accurate, informative, and entertaining. We hope to have this film released to churches by early 2014. Please pray with us that the Lord would greatly use this effort to inspire pastors in their training of you people.

Comments (4)

1. Nancy Walker said on 6/1/13 - 05:28PM
I'm praying for all of you!
2. Venita Atherton - California said on 7/11/13 - 12:47PM
Thank you for your contributions to enlighten us on the work being done, and the great need in reaching others with the Gospel!!
3. TW said on 6/25/14 - 09:25AM
Hola mi hermano, Where is the video?
4. Alick McGovern Nkhwazi said on 6/21/16 - 05:39AM
I have seen your programs and I pray for you. The next thing is that please come to Malawi and Mozambique and do the same. We admire you and please include us in your good programs. You know how Malawi and Mozambique are and we really need your interventions.

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